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    Password Prompt for McAfee EEFF

    Hemant Koli



      I have an query on McAfee EEFF(Version 3x)......I have encrypted File or Folder using EEFF & when i access those it will prompt for password, but this password prompt is only for one time (i.e once i entered the password one of the folder or file, then again it will not ask the password again when i access any other file or folder OR the same file or folder for which i have entered Pasword)???????

      So my question is.......Is it possible to have password prompt for each time when i access any file or folder?????????????...................

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          You would have to reduce the key cache timeout to the minimum I guess, then it would ask you more often - but that would be really inconvenient don't you think?


          Sometimes apps do lots of separate opens on a file (word for example), so if you reduce it too low, then you'll get multiple prompts every time you open a doc, and also every time Word tries to write some new info to it.

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            Hemant Koli

            Hello Safeboot.


            Thanks for response..............


            You say it is possible but Support Technician says NO.

            I have raised SR(SR # <3-1888739934>) with McAfee Support & they have replied that it will be not possible to have Password prompt each & every time when the file or folder is accessed.

            So please confirm ....................

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              It won't be based on when you open the file, the key prompt is based on you opening some data and the key not being in memory. So, by reducing the time the key stays in memory, you'll be promoted more often, which depending on the time between file opens, may be every time.....


              I think it will be a less than optimal user experience though.