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    Master Repository Pull is empty

      Hello I Need your assistance..


      I have ePO 4.5.5 (Build 1188) installed on W2008 Server with SQL 2008 with 4000 cleint connected. I'm  recently have problem with master repository pull task. every morning I see the task is faild to update to get the latess update.

      so I try to find out what is the problem and I found this error "Failed to download file catalog.z from site update.nai.com:80, error code 2 ( The system cannot find the file specified.  )"

      first I check on the server task Repository Pull is empty(no item available). next step I try to check at master repository list is ok(all package are show) next I try to Pull Now one of the package and click next, I see there is a message show like this "site status not found, repository may be empty"

      I try to troubleshoot by follow KB69159 & KB52621 but still couldn't resolve the issues.


      any advise please ?





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          Is this message you are getting when you are trying to move the packages (as per the screenshot) between the branches?


          If using proxy then please make sure that we have written the proxy information correctly in the ePO server.

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            Hi hem,


            I have check the proxy setting on server configuration is already correct. I guess the proxy is not problem. I'm concer about the master repository pull task that sudenly was blank just like no package available to download, but if I look on software --> master repository, all package are there, again if you do Pull Now it will error "site status not found, repository may be empty"


            please advise?


            Thank you


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              I am seeing the same thing.


              For a while now I have been using McAfeeFTP instead of McAfeeHTTP since FTP includes the packages. You simply choose the FTP option from the drop-down menu within the "Pull Now" Server Task and you should be able to see all packages.