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    Risky connection after XP antivirus 2012 remove

      Merry Christmas to everybody!


      My computer just got the xp antivirus 2012 attack two days ago. My Mcafee total protection 2011 did not help when virus attacked. At this time, it was more painful than what I deal with google search redirction virus last time. The virus made my system could not run any exe file. I search the website to get the regedit.com idea to help me to solve exe file problem. Later I used Malwarebytes to figure out the virus file. When I removed them (I also planed to send them to McAfee for virus samples), my Mcafee also pop-up to report it detected these virus files. If McAfee really detected those virus, it was too late. Hope McAfee can improve it.


      However, after I recover my system, I started my firefox, McAfee reported the firefox tried to make a potentially risky connection to "83.133.121.xxx 83.133.124.xxx  83.133.125.xxx ...". After I closed my firefox, McAfee still continue to report these risky connection.  Does anyone know how to fix these potentally risky connection? Thanks in advance.

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