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    Intrusive Unprofessional pop ups and desktop icons - McAfee

      So McAfee has been annoying me for months, popping up ads on my desktop trying to get me to buy extensions to the subscription that isn't even over yet. There is no way to tell it to "Never ask me again", "Never pop up again". This is almost enough to never renew a subscription with McAfee, and look elsewhere (Norton?). McAfee custoemr service gives no solution.



      to make matters worse, after the most recent update, a McAfee desktop icon appeared. I deleted it. I restarted my computer, it's back. I deleted it, it's back. Now every time I start my computer I have to delete the McAfee icon, and everytime I use my computer I have to tell McAfee I don't want to renew their very annoying software subscription yet.



      They are getting MORE intrusive over time, not less.



      If you don't fix this by the end of my subscription, I will be switching companies.

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          Peter M

          I moved this to SecurityCenter for better attention.   The reappearing desktop icon is a bug that has been logged and will be fixed a.s.a.p. but with the holidays intervening may take a little longer than it would have otherwise.


          There are already several threads on this issue.


          The popup ads should only appear once assuming your subscription is current, if they reappear or wont go away then something is corrupted.  I suggest opening a case with Technical Support linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          It's a free phone call or via online chat, also free.  

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            Thanks for the reply Ex_Brit.


            I'm glad to hear the reappearing desktop shortcut will soon be deleted permanently by McAfee (whenever they get around to it, that is).


            However, those pop up ads that you speak of, no nothing is corrupt. They only appear once - each. The problem is that McAfee was sending me a new ad on an almost daily basis for quite a while. Now it is every few days.


            I don't want to have to close the ad, I want to never receive unsolicited ads, just like you request  "NO Unsolicited Private Messages" in your signature.


            And McAfee doesn't even have "Close ad" as an easy to access button. "Learn More" is the default option, and you have to use a drop down menu to pick the close option.  Liek I said - McAfee is becoming more unprofessional and appearing more like Freeware or Shareware.



            Are you paid by McAfee to downplay complaints rather than offer solutions?

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              Peter M

              I'm not paid by McAfee nor do I downplay problems or at least I sincerely hope I don't.  But what I use may be the difference as I rarely see these things.  I use Total Protection so there's nothing to sell up to, also mine is purchased directly from McAfee so no intermediary such as Dell or an ISP to add to the advert jungle.   I agree these are annoying.  If Technical Support can't help you could at least post a suggestion here:  https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/ideas?view=overview