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    Command for Trusted Source logs


      Hi, I am using Sidewinder Firewall ver 8.1.2 . I want to see log of those emails that are dropped inbound on Sendmail due to  TrustedSource feature. I have applied Sendmail for inbound mails. What is the cli command to see those emails that get dropped due to TrustedSource?



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          I can't say for certain as I don't currently have access to a v8 Firewall running sendmail with TrustedSource enabled - or GTI as it is now called. But, I would expect to find it in one of two places:-


          Either in the main sendmail logfile /var/log/maillog, or in the Firewall's primary audit feed - the /var/log/audit.raw file or by running the audit viewer. In the case of the audit, I would look out for events associated with the sendmail process (they may well be 'attack' events) when connections to sendmail are being blocked by TrustedSource/GTI. When you open up any of these audit entries and look at the data inside, you should see the reputation score contained within it.


          Hope that helps.


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            You could try these acat commands on the command-line:


            $> acat -e "category AUDIT_C_GTI"


            $> acat -e "event AUDIT_R_REPUTATION"

            or (both together)

            $> acat -e "event AUDIT_R_REPUTATION or category AUDIT_C_GTI"


            I am not positive those will work as I do not have any examples of emails denied by TrustedSource/GTI to look at myself.

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              The more I think about it the more I recall looking at a customer's appliance, I could see evidence of messages being blocked in the maillog file.