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    Firewall Immediately Shuts Off After Trojan Removal

      I recently found out I was infected with the Win Antivirus 2012 bug and used Malware Bytes and McAfee to remove this and apparently other trojans/malware. Ever since I got rid of some of the bad stuff, my McAfee firewall immediately turns off when I try to turn it on. After the virus removal, I started getting the warning from McAfee that my firewall was off so of course, I tried to turn it back on and about 2 seconds afterwards, it turns back off. I went ahead and removed Malwarebytes, Spyware Doctor and Ad Aware in case they were interfering with McAfee but the same thing happens. I tried restarting the computer as well. I installed McAfee Virtual Technician and it can't fix the problem. This is my session ID: 36828710. I have Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron. Any help would be greatly appreciated!