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    Another Javascript problem with regards to installing McAfee 2012

      Long story short, I can't get it to work.


      For a full story...


      I was able to install it just fine 2 days ago, but I didnt want to use the Anti-Theft option (which the shortcuts are pilling up) but I cannot disable it, but I didnt want to uninstall everything. I read something about using Perfect Uninstall Tool and it still uninstalled everything. I try to reinstall and now it just doesnt. Something about Javascript, but I dont recall removing any of it. As an added problem, any webpage that uses java doesn't function. I fear that the Perfect Uninstall may have "accidentally" deleted the necessary java scripts needed. I also tried system restore but to no avail.


      I really could use as much help as I can with a possible exception of having to reformat.


      -Ok, so I figured out the webpage java issue. I had more than 1 active (the Java = Javascript issue). Newbie mistake.


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