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    I undoubtedly have a virus or some sort of malware. Assistance please.

      As i was browsing the web looking for mods for a game I play, I come across a russian site that hosts mods. I was in a hurry to get as much as i can so i clicked nearest button that looked like a download button. Unfortunatly it was all in russian so i couldnt tell what was a the real button and what was an ad. so when i clicked it i downloaded and exe file.  it looked suspicious, it didnt do anything though. But stupid curious me decides to click on it anyway because i really wanted the mod. Then behold the horrible truth that it is malware disquised as not one but two different types of virus detection software prompting me about something important. this malware is awfully smart too as each time it opens it closes my internet and Mcafee in less than a second. Thankfully I am able to disable it for a short amount of time by ending the process in the task manager. The name of it is ufx.exe.  I tried the required steps but the malware seemed to have thought ahead and disabled mcafee's ability to scan anything at all. Each time i try it says "AN ERROR HAS OCCURED; an unexpected problem occured during your scan. Please click OK to go back to the Home pag, and then try running your scan again." I am also unable to give the stinger results as it is unable to detect it or eliminate it. I also have absolutely no idea where its located either so i cannot submit a sample. So far it opens every time I A: Collapse McAfee into the "Show hidden Icons" place, B: I click on "View Reports"  in McAfee's security center, and C: Every time I try right clicking the menu bar at the bottom and opening up the Task Manager. I have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del  then click task manger to open it. So as you can see I am kind of in pickle here and ive tried every method i know for about 5 hours now. Its 5:30am exactly. So any assistance at all would be great. Oh and safe mode also does nothing. Disabling the network doesn' t do anything either.  My computer Specs are pretty high as it is a gaming computer. Please help, I really need to get my computer back to normal without having to format it. Thank you.