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    Quarantine files


      Here's my question. After running a full scan, it comes back with 1 virus that is in Quarantine. It also gives a file location. After deleting the virus in the Quarantine section, when I go to the file location the file is still there. What's up with that?



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          Hello afbille,


          Could you specify the path and name of the file....?


          it is most probably because the you are referrring to is a critical system file or it could be a case where the file has a hook on a certain system process.(Usually the nature of a malicious file) If you can give the full path of the file, might be able to give you a better and satisfactory answer.






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            I don't know if I did this right.


            I can't tell you the name of the file because I already deleted it. I can say it matched the one lisdted in the quarintine screen. The location was:




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              This is good. McAfee is protecting its files.

              To delete quarantine, you have to go into McAfee security center, click Navigation and then go to quarantined and trusted items. This lets you view the quarantine and delete them.


              If this doesn't work, it may be your quarantine may be too full and you have to manually delete them, which requires disabling a feature. This is from an old post I found a while back and saved....


              When a file gets quarantined it gets put into the quarantine folder and a .bup extension. If you have 15,000 .bup files, VirusScan has been doing its job and caught 15,000 things.

              You can't go and delete them because Access Protection is doing its job protecting the McAfee folders.

              To get rid of them:

              Open your McAfee product by clicking the M icon on the desktop or near the system clock.

              Click Navigation in the top right corner

              Under Settings, Click General Settings and Alerts

              Expand the Access Protection drawer and uncheck Use Access Protection

              Click Apply

              Leave Security Center open

              On XP Open C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\mcafee\virusscan\quarantine

              Delete all the .bup files

              On Vista and Windows 7 Open C:\programdata\mcafee\virusscan\quarantine

              Delete all the .bup files

              Go back to Security Center and check Use Access Protection

              Click Apply

              Close Security Center

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                OK. Thanks.

                I was able to delete over 11,000 files. So now the quarintined ones won't show up in that Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\62 folder anymore?

                And again why don't they get deleted when I delete them from the navigation window?