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    HP WHS TPS isn't working

      I renewed my McAfee TPS subscription after it had expired, however TPS isn't working, the console reports that my software is not up to date and that the virus scan dat files are out of date, but the only live link is 'launch securitycenter', all the other links are disabled.  I have tried  installing the McAfee WHS support tool but this doesn't work either.



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          Looks like the add-in installed in your home server is an old one.


          Please follow the given instructions to get this issue fixed.


          To install the Windows Home Server support add-in tool


          1. Download the McAfee WHS Support Tool from:




          2. Copy the .MSI file to: \Shared folders\Software\Add-ins.

          3. Install the tool from Settings, Add-ins, Available McAfee Support Tools.

          4. Select the McAfee Support Tool and click Install.

          5. You now see a second McAfee icon for support.


          To uninstall and automatically place the correct ACER or HP .msi file


          1. On the Support add-in page, click Uninstall.

          2. When prompted, restart the Home Server and allow plenty of time for a full restart.

          3. Log on again.

          4. The McAfee support utility removes the product and places the new .msi file in the software folder    automatically.

          5. Click Settings, Add-ins, and select Available from where the point product can be reinstalled.

          6. When prompted, restart the Home Server.



          Allow the point product enough time to update before expecting it to accurately report on the console. This should be 5-10 minutes after restart of the WHS, but can take longer depending of the size of the signature .DAT files.


          To activate the SaaS Endpoint Protection after installation


          After installing the product, the Buy Now or Purchase Now icon changes to an Activate Now icon. To activate the product, you must have your activation code. This can be found on the Security Center www.mcafeeasap.com.


          1. Log on to the Security Center and click My Account, Account & Keys.

          2. The Account Enrollment Key should be present. If not, click Create Account Enrollment Key.

          3. On the  McAfee screen of the WHS console click the  Activate Now link.

          4. During the initial screen, you will get the following prompt: "Join an existing account", Please click on "Yes".

          5. You are then prompted for an enrollment key. Please follow the below steps to get the enrollment key.

              (a) Open the www.mcafeeasap.com  and login with your email and password

              (b) Click on the My Account tab, please do not hover your mouse pointer on the my accounts tab but click on it, on the top and on the page click on accounts and keys and generate a           key under the section "Enrollment Key". Type the Account Enrollment Key.

          6. Wait for this to finish (making allowance for the speed of your internet connection).

          7. If no current key is listed, click Create a new key and a new key is generated instantly.

          8. The point product will update and download the latest DAT signatures.

          9. Wait for this to finish (making allowance for the speed of your internet connection).


          Please let me know, if you have any queries and I will be assisting you further.



          Ravi Shankar. R

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            Thanks for this, however I have already tried this approach and when I try to uninstall using tool, it fails and reports that there is no key to remove. Is there another way of installing the correct msi?




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              Please follow the given instructions to reinstall McAfee. 


              1. Remove Support-Add in Tool.


              2. Remove Old Tpswhsaddin from the add-ins Folder


              3. Download Tpswhsaddin manually  from the below links according to the server make.


              4. For ACRE Home Servers : http://www.mcafeeasap.com/downloads/acer/topwhsaddIn4.9ACER.msi


              5. For HP Home Servers    : http://www.mcafeeasap.com/downloads/hp/topwhsaddIn4.9HP.msi


              6. Transfer to Add-ins Folder, Install the product, Activate and Update.



              Ravi Shankar. R

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                Thank you very much, this has solved the problem!



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                  Hello M,


                  Thanks for updating us. Please let us know in future if you have any issues with McAfee .


                  Happy New Year!






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                    I did the instructions above and after I have entered my Account Enrollment Key...it tries to activate and then I get an "Activation failed" message saying:


                    An error occurred during activation.


                    Your copy of Total Protectoion has not been activated.  Try activating again later by clicking the Total Protection icon in the system tray and selecting Activate.


                    I recently had to do a software recovery on my HP MediaSmart server.  When this first started happening, I found this post and uninstalled and re-installed and it still happened.


                    Any ideas?

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                      Any help here?


                      Any way to get a refund on the remaining years left I have on my McAfee service?


                      Did a full uninstall + registry removal, reinstalled per the above...still can't activate.

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                        Hi Lazer711,


                        McAfee's support for Windows Home Servers has reached the End Of Life. McAfee no more supports Windows Home Servers.


                        Please read the below KB article to know further about this.


                        https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB61113&actp=search&viewlo cale=en_US&searchid=1342044083070



                        Pritish P.

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                          Hi Pritish,


                          Thanks for the reply.


                          Why then do you guys offer a subscription service up until 2013 then?


                          Did I just waste money?


                          Can you guys refund my year back so I can at least get an anti virus program that still works?




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