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    Updating Virusscan 8.7.0i

      I'm having problems with updating virusscan 8.7i.Every time after updating Dat files n engines..it says that update packages VSCANEU1000,EXTRADAT1000,BOC_VSE not available in repository.Update failed. What do i do to rectify this?

      Moved from legacy home products (VirusScan 8) to Desktop & Server for better attention (MOD)
        • 1. No Problems as I see it.

          Nothing. I believe the update process attempts to download all available updates whether they exist or not. When certain updates are not yet released you see '... not available in repository. Update failed.' However, overall, the update shows a Successful update in the VirusScan Console, I am guessing.

          The updates you are looking at: VSCANEU1000, EXTRADAT1000, and BOC_VSE represent: VirusScan Engine Update, ExtraDAT, and Buffer Overflow (I believe) for VirusScan Enterprise. No new Engine files are available today or recently. Also, Extra DAT files are released publicly only during emergencies, and I do not believe that any new entries need to be added to the Buffer Overflow controls. So, the fact that these 'failed' is not a surprise.

          I would probably ignore this as it simply indicates nothing of significance.

          I also believe that the update process is configured to handle future updates and managed locally via ePO or other means. The entire update process is set up to handle modifications as needed by network administrators and security response teams. So, the update process is meant to be a foundation for future use, though today, these repositories are not being used.

          Hope this helps. Have Fun.
          Ron Metzger
          • 2. Thanks for your reply
            Thanks for your reply..but this problem cropped up just recently..
            I see that the Access Protection icon in the virus scan console is greyed out.Is this on account of the update problem??
            • 3. Different problem.

              Well, I am not sure what is causing the Access Protection icon to be grayed out but I believe that the original problem you reported is not a problem. I have been getting the 'VSCANEU1000,EXTRADAT1000,BOC_VSE not available in repository.Update failed' messages for quite some time without anything else giving problems. My system has been updating with the 'Success' status using VSE8.7i since I upgraded about 8 weeks ago.

              If you bring up the VirusScan Console, what does the last update status indicate? (Mine shows Success.)

              If you bring up the VirusScan Console > Help > About, what does this screen say?

              Also, try running the latest SuperDAT.exe file to see if this helps with the Access Protection Icon issue.

              Is this system managed by ePO? Could the systems administrator have changed any settings?

              Ron Metzger
              • 4. RE: Different problem.
                The dat version is 5449.Engine updates have also been applied.It seems to have been updated.But the access protection icon is still greyed.Is this bcoz' of something else?What could that be?
                • 5. RE: Different problem.
                  these components are not yet in use in VSE 8.7 so they are not downloaded from mcafee but theymay be in future so they are still included by default.

                  rmmetzger is correct this is not a real error and the update will still complete correctly with these "error" messages.

                  for the full info read this link on knowledgebase:

                  https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB53932&actp=search&search id=1228128165246
                  • 6. Something else.

                    Thank you Tony, for the link and confirmation of what I knew I was observing.

                    OK, what is causing the grayed out Access Protection: I am not sure.

                    Again, is this machine part of a network controlled by an Administrator and connected to an ePO server?

                    What other events took place roughly at the same time as the icon going gray? (Could you be infected with some kind of malware that is shutting down 'Access Protection' as a self-preservation strategy? Did the system lock up (for whatever reason) possibly corrupting running applications causing this problem?)

                    If you right-click the icon, can you Enable the service? If so, does it stay enabled for only a short time or is the problem solved?

                    In any case, one possible solution would be to remove and re-install VSE 8.7i. To do this you will need to have local Administrator rights.

                    Ron Metzger
                    • 7. Thanks a lot
                      Thanks a lot for all help.
                      Let me follow the link.
                      I'll get back to this thread after a while.