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    cant click on mcafee icon



      on my mcafee icon at the righthand side on my taskbar,,scan computer,Quick setting and Manage features are not highlighted

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          Hi Kazeem,

          Could you please let us know if you are using the Home version or Enterprise version of McAfee programs ??



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            Enterprise version of mcafee


            thanks for the respond

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              Peter M

              Moved to Business > VirusScan Enterprise for better attention.


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                I had the same problem last week on a firm computer with McAfee Enterprise Version + EPO Server. Problem there was that the VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 was not correct Installed and complete not working on this client computer. Just the McAfee Agent was correct installed. Also then I saw some grey entries with RightClick on the McAfee Agent Symbol and could not click on it. I found it by try out to Start the VirusScan Console on this PC over Start Programs, and this did not start everytime I clicked. So the McAffe Agent meant that VSE was installed, but it was really not correct installed. That was my Problem why I had some grey entries there. Maybe you have the same problem. Reinstalling VSE solved the problem.


                Greetings Sven