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    Bug Report-Since the latest version installed-the desktop shortcut is multiplying!

      It won't die it multiplies...


      Version 11.0

      Build 11.0.649

      Installed on  20 Dec 11 and updated 21 Dec 11.


      When the new version installed it created a desktop icon, which I promptly moved to a folder I use to store unwanted desktop icons.  It reappeared later that day - deleted it again, it reappeared.  Last night before shutting down I deleted the desktop icon again.  Now there are THREE McAfee shortcuts on my desktop since I started working at 9:30 this morning.  Ack and bleh.

      What the heck?!?  I didn't have this problem with the previous version of McAfee, and I'd rather not go twiddling with *my* registry if it's a * McAfee* build bug, know what I mean?


      Any information anyone is willing to provide will be greatly appreciated!