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    After the upgrade from VSE+ASE 8.5i to VSE+ASE 8.7i patch 4, the event viewer shows that, McAfee Mcshiled service hung during starting..any suggestions to overcome the issue

      The package is created using the McAfee Installation designer.


      It has below packages Embeded.


      1) McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7i


      2) Antispyware Enterprise 8.7i


      3) McAfee Agent 4.5 Patch 1


      4) VSE 8.7i Patch 4


      The startup taking approx 8-10 mins, as per the KB article "KB68476", I could see that there is an Hotfix relased for this. And also McAfee has fixed this issue in McAfee Agent 4.5


      But we already have McAfee Agent 4.5 patch 1 installed, but still the same issue on most of the machines.


      Can anyone please help me to over come the issue.