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    DLP manager 9.2 - rms heartbeat issue when I restarted the STINGRAY service

      Hi guys, I recently installed the DLP manager 9.2 on a physical IBM server to make few tests before put this beast in the production network. The installation is successfully complet and everything is working properly.


      So , I changed the network setting files and then just reboot as the normal procedure is required. At this state, my trouble is started.


      After the first reboot, I verified the STINGRAY service status and it's stopped. I tried to restart but I'm always stuck under the second rms service.


      The process stopped when the rms_heartbeat should be start.


      Then the following error message appeared:


      "Slave (sig_service) is not responding"


      I checked my /etc/fstab and /etc/mstab config to be sure my slave HD is mounted properly and everything look fine.


      So, I think that I have a issue with the RMS_HEARTBEAT starting process.


      Thanks for your help.


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