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    Agent installed but not VirusScan

      Dear all,


      I must have made a mistake at some point.


      I upgraded ePo to 4.5.4 a few weeks ago. I hardly tried to understand how it works but did not take much time.


      I deployed a few agents since and now I've got this problem that on my new computers the agent is installed but not VirusScan 8.8.0.



      What can I have done ???





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          Did they have VSE installed prior to installing the agent?


          Installing the agent doesn't install VSE. You'll need to create a new deployment task to install VSE after installing the agent.

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            No, they did not have vse previously installed.


            How should I create such a task ?

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              There are a couple of ways to do it but it's basically creating a deployment task which should be explained in the ePO product guide.


              You could add a new deployment task to the individual computer. Select the computer in the 'System Tree'  and select Actions -> Agent -> Modify Tasks on a Single System'


              My preferred method is to create a new empty group in the 'System Tree' (called Install VSE for example) create a deployment task against the group to install VSE.


              I then just move the computer into the group and send an agent wake up when the install has finished the computer can be moved back to it's original group.

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                Sorry, I must be completly thick but I can't make it work.


                I select my computer in the system tree, Action, Agent, Modify Task on a single system and then I've got the task I created before but I can't select it nor click on it or anything...


                This system is getting on my t.ts...


                Btw I don't think I can create a new group for this as I'm using Active Directory.



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                  I'm running ePO 4.6 and task setup has changed slightly compared to 4.5 (funny how quickly you forget something you did so often)


                  Basically you want a product deployment agent task. Select what products you want to install, VSE 8.8 in this case, and then select the schedule and that should be it.

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                    It finally worked for one of them !

                    But it's a bit disappointing this way of doing it. At least it is installed now but what I'd like for the next computers is that VSE is installed at the same time as the agent.

                    What I did is that I created a task that install VSE on computers with a mark and I launched the task.

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                      Since the Agent and VSE are two separate products and the Agent needs to be installed before any of the other products can be installed on a machine through the server, you will not be able to install both at the exact same time.


                      Once a machine has an agent, you can create a Client Task to install any other product which you have in your master repository.


                      You go to System Tree, My Organization, Client Tasks tab


                      There you create a New Task, Product Deployment, Send this task to all computers (or create a tag that you can apply to whichever machines you like and install the product according to tag), Select the appropriate product (VSE 8.8 for instance), Run at every Policy Enforcement (this is what I do anyway), and Run immediately.


                      Now you can send a wakeup call to all machines, or simply wait a few hours before the machines check in again and install the product. It takes a few days for all machines to get the product and tell the server, but this task works very well.


                      Be aware, if you have Superagents, you should sync these first so they get the files to distribute to all machines.