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    EpePc error 92h

      After attempting to image his hard drive, my husband's Dell Latitude E5410 went to BSOD. Now on boot, all we get is this error: "EpePc has been corrupted (error 92h)." I researched this error and tried to resolve the issue myself based on information I found. Here's the crazy thing I discovered: I can get his computer to boot successfully by first booting to Hiren's Boot Disk and then choosing the option "Boot from Hard Drive - Windows XP (NTLDR)." His computer boots right up, I can remove the CD from the drive, and everything works perfectly. Please understand, I am NOT talking about booting to a CD and then accessing the drive files in that environment; I mean it successfully boots to the hard drive but only via Hiren's boot disk.


      If I restart the computer and try to boot directly to the hard drive, the 92h error reappears. If I reinsert Hiren's Boot Disk, choose menu option "boot from Hard Drive" (I have to choose the NTLDR option), it again boots to the hard drive and everything works reliably. Although the NTLDR option seems to do something to bridge the startup issue, I don't think I'm really dealing with NTLDR corruption issue here. Everything I have read indicates it truly is an EE issue. Is there anything I can do to repair the EpePc error at startup so we don't have to use Hiren's Boot Disk forever? Thanks for your help.

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          It's quite expected, as you needed to remove the encryption engine prior to the reimage, or you need to do a trick to flush it from the machine. This is something your husband will have to go back to his company IT department to have done though, since they own the software on the machine (and quite probably, the machine itself).


          The IT team will be able to remove EEPC if they choose to.

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            It is his computer as he is self employed. He contracts with a company and it IS their software. They updated their security and my husband didn't realize it would prevent him from doing his regular backups/imaging with Acronis. IT support can be slow, since he is "just" a contractor. He doesn't want to remove the program, just repair the issue. But thanks for your reply. He will contact their tech support.

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              np. If his IT team want to contact me directly, I'm happy to tell them what to do.