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    Sudden death of a UTM

      I have a SG565 that has suddenly slowed to from 8-9mb to 1-2 mb throughput.  I have the SG conected to a Netgear ADSL2+ modem in bridge mode usually a download speed test gets 8-9 mbs.  uddenly today its going 1-2.  I connected my PC directly to the modem and the download speed test runs at 8-9 mbs as usual so it seems when going through the SG im loosing speed.


      I've made no changes.  A coupl eo fweeks ago i upgrade to 4.0.10 but it ran fine afterward for a few weeks.  Even tried down grading to the previous version i was running before 4.0.10 but still going slow.


      The CPU isnt pegged and the memory is fine.  any ideas?