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    8.5i patch 6 - conflicting reports

      Hi there,

      I have a server that needs to send outbound e-mail. I created a rule in EPO and deployed it the server and the log shows it is working...

      It has worked fine in the past. but about 2 weeks ago EPO dropped the policy for an unknown reason. I re-applied it to the server and all seemed to be good again however...

      "26/11/2008 08:15:30 Would be blocked by port blocking rule (rule is currently not enforced)"

      However the ICON shield is showing a RED Alert and the on-access scan statics is reporting "Port actions blocked in the last hour: 1"

      Considering I have a problem with this server sending outbound e-mail at the moment and all other settings appear to be fine.

      I'm inclined to believe the 2nd display over the log file.

      Which should I believe?:confused: