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    move harddisk to different laptop



      Pls advice, I am using ePO encryption and I am still not sure about one think. I encrypted harddisk in one laptop and wanted to try if I move harddisk into

      different type of laptop if it boots. It boots only in the exactly same lenovo model. If I put it into another model. It show the mcafee welcome screen I get in and windows fails with blue screen, or it just starts with black screen and nothing happens. I tried to boot it with  eepc standalone and tried to remove eepc manually, but it freezes. Then I tried the emergency boot. But it starts windows and then blue screen.


      Please could you point me to the right direction, some manuals, posts etc..


      Many thanks

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          This is quite normal, and nothing to do with EEPC - it simply means you don't have the right drivers in Windows for your new hardware.


          It will happen with or without EEPC installed.


          Probably you should be able to get it to boot in Safe Mode still, then you can install all the missing drivers - you might need to set the disk to use ATA mode in the BIOS though for even this to work.


          Windows does not like moving between hardware platforms.

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            Thx, but the same image is used for both laptops. Its strange behaviour.

            And is there a possibility to somehow see the content of the encrypted harddisk just by using usb adapter a connecting it into different laptop? Without manual decryption (boot with standalone and remove encryption).


            Thx a lot

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              Yes, slaving a drive ispossible, but NOT if the laptop is also encrypted - you'd need to boot off a CD or something. The general rule is you can only read data related to the key you authenticated with in pre-boot. So, if you go through pre-boot, only drives belonging to that machine will work.


              If you boot off WinPE for example though, you can load up any key you like in our DR toolkit and access any drive you have rights to.


              Your EEPC Administrator would have gone through training (or at least been offered training) on this, so maybe speak to them.

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                Many thanks I really appreciate your help!