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    ePO 4.5 & EEPC 6.1 - Risks of deleting objects


      I'm curious if anyone has tried this. If in ePO the system tree isn't syncronised with an Active Directory, the management can be 'fun' to highlight which objects to remove.


      Pre EEPC this was easy. As I'm now using EEPC 6.1 I'm wary if deleting the object has an effect on the key information imported from Safeboot 5.x or indeed the key from subsequent systems.


      If an agent hasn't communicated in 3 months and I want to set up a clean up task in ePO to delete it (and then it would repopulate when it next checks in), what effect if any does it have on the entry on EEPC keys? I could put a test environment together but I thought the community could save me some time :-D


      An ePO upgrade is on the cards, by again, I would prefer to be sure before I start deleting objects and having to revert to recovering from last night's backup.