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    YouTube giving me virus?

      Hi everyone! Everytime I search a video on YouTube, a popup on the bottom right corner of the screen shows up, saying that a Trojan has been removed by McAfee. After a few seconds, the Internet browser will shut down by itself and a suspicious program I haven't seen before, Win 7 Home Security 2012 ,pops up and starts a scan. When I try to open my Internet browser, Firefox or google chrome, the same company Win 7 will show a warning of how the Internet is unsafe. Thinking that it was a virus, I restored my computer back to a later date. Although this solved the problem, I tried going back to YouTube the next day, only to go through with the same ordeal all over again. I have always used YouTube and I am not sure why all of a sudden everytime I go on YouTube this program shows up. If it is really a virus, why isn't McAfee picking it up? Is anyone else having a similar problem? My computer is a Windows 7 with McAfee total protection.