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    Upgrade from v8.5 to v8.7




      I have ePO 4.5.0


      I am trying to release v8.7 of Enterprise through ePO.


      Currently on the client machines we have v8.5 installed. I have created a client task and marked it as product deployment and selected v8.7 of enterprise. When I restart one of the client machines you can tell something is happening in background as process for McAfee are high but the upgrade never works or when I check it still says v8.5


      I have had a look around at guides and they have done what I have? Is there something I am missing or maybe need to reduce the policy to allow this to work?


      Could do with this working as it would make this upgrade and future ones alot easier.



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          I have ePO4.5 p3


          I have been troubled in the same way as you, too.


          In several PCs, a deployment task of version 8.7 did not change.


          As the solution,

          I made two Product deployment tasks.

          1. The first task schedule to delete 8.5.
          2. The second task schedule installs 8.7.

          I performed an agent wake up call to a target PC and let you apply "complete policy" forcibly.

          I read "the agent log" of the problem PC and think that it is good to confirm it.

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            Dear Hopest,


            Have you check in the VSE 8.7  as well as have u installed the VSE 8.7 extension the follow the procedure


            1) kindly stop all the task


            2)schedule a new TASK called product deployment in the select next


            3) From the products and components tab select Virus csan 8.5 as uninstall and click to add one more tab then select virus scan 8.7 install

            4)finally schedule it as run immediately.


            VSE upgrade.JPG