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    VirusScan 8.5i Quarantine Recscan & Check for False Positives


      I'm running VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i patch 6.

      If I go into Quarantine Manager Policy in my VirusScan console, and click the Manager tab, I see a number of cookies, of type Potentially Unwanted Program, discovered by a number of DAT files.

      If I right click one of the cookies, and select Rescan, I get a message that says "All selected items were rescanned and found to be clean".

      However, if I right click on the same cookie and select Check for false positive, I get a message that says "Item "cookiexyz" quarantined at MM/DD/YYYY 1:00 PM was resscanned with the 5444.0000 definition files. The scan did not show that the Potentially Unwanted Program Cookiexyz was a false detection in the 5441.0000 definition file"

      This is confusing. Rescan says the file is OK, but Check for false positive says its still bad.

      What's the difference between Rescan and Check for false positive?