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    VSE 8.8 P1 + Safe end

      Hello all


      i know this doesnt affect alot of people...


      we use safe end in conjunction with mcafee and i was planning to update to P1

      i got this mail from safe end just before the upgrade


      What happened ?
      McAfee have released recently a patch to their Virus Scan  8.8  version.

      This patch , also known as patch 1(build was detected by some of our customers as affecting the Safend Encryptor Product in a way that prevents users from accessing their encrypted data. Following Safend’s R&D team analysis, we believe there is an issue with this patch that changes the Operating System settings in a way that prevents the Safend Encryptor File System Driver and likely additional software from functioning properly.


      How to solve the problem ?
      The best way is NOT to apply this patch until McAfee fixes the problem and issues clarifications and/or a new patch.
      If you have already applied the patch, it is recommended to roll back to last known good state wherever possible.





      ive asked their support but they say its a mcafee issue.. can someone (from mcafee hopefully)

      say if there is a solution to this ?



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          Patch 1 adds a new Access protection rule that prevenst third party applications from hooking into McAfee. You can try looking at your Access protection logs to see if anything is in there.

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            We are experiencing the same issue with Credant encryption software with patch1 deployed.  User's cannot access a large amount of their data.


            Any Solutions where patch 1 is deployed?

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              yep bri thats the problem

              i will have to set up a test machine and see if there is an abnormal behaviour


              sriply -

              i have not upgraded to P1 yet

              talking to Safe End support they made it clear that they not going to change anything on their part

              and said its a mcafee issue and are waiting for mcafee to come up with a  solution