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    Network Associates McShield service could not be started. Error 5022

      Good morning.

      I am trying to get one of our servers working and the service will not start. Must have happened after an update. I tried rolling back the DAT. I forced a superdat, tried repairing the installation, re updating, and nothing seems to be working.

      The Network Associates McShield service could not be started Error 5022.

      VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0
      Buffer Overflow 131
      VDef 5443
      Scan Engine 5300
      Patch 15

      Any suggestions would be helpful.
      Thank you



      Problem solved.

      I performed the following and service is now up and running..

      Select Start, Run, type: cmd then click OK.
      From the command prompt, navigate to the directory:
      \Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan
      To uninstall the driver, type: naiavfin.exe -u
      To (re)install the driver, type: naiavfin.exe -i