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    macafee doesnt open


      Some one please help me. my macafee doesnt open at all. when i right click on the macafee icon then i can only start scan which looks like it is scanning but i cant seee any thing like i used to see. i cant see if my macafee is working at all. should i install any other antivirus. This licensed version i got it from att.co, as i have internet service from them.

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          Peter M

          It probably is corrupted,  This can happen with infections, frequent use of System Restore or using registry cleaners and tune-up utilities.  What is your operating system and service pack please?


          Right-click Computer (My Computer if XP) and select Properties, that will give you that information.



          I suggest you uninstall via Control Panel in the normal way.


          Then run the MCPR cleanup tool located in this FAQ


          Reboot and reinstall the product from your online account.