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    McAfee Agent 4.5 not updating correctly

      Hi, I have a problem when redeploying any 4.5 agent. The install goes just fine and no issues there, however when the agent on the workstation try to enforce policies the only policies it shows that it enforces are the epoagent3000, epoagent3000meta, and the mcafee agent. Also my workstations have dual NICs which I think might be another problem since the correct IP address (IP address 1) isn't updating in the ePO server but IP address 2 is. I dont want to use IP address 2 and I am trying everything to keep using IP address 1. So back to my original problem, I have taken out the agent completely on the workstation and redeployed it via the ePO server and that works just fine but doesnt get the correct policies, I have installed the latest framepkg.exe and that doesn't work, I have deleted the various registry keys that might stop the agent from getting the correct policies. Thanks in advance for any and all help you guys can give.