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    What is this problem called?

      I am new to the community and not a computer expert.  I tried searching but was not successful or was overloaded with hits.


      I think I have a virus or something similar.  I have Acronis True Image.  In the past, I have been able to install a clean image of my hard drive after being infected and that has cleared up the problem.  However, this one is giving me problem and I do not know a way around it.


      The basic problem  is that my computer does not allow me to boot up in Safe Mode, it only allows Start Windows Normally.  I cannot move the highlight to any other selection.  My computer will not reboot from the cd drive.  I cannot run any exe file from my c: drive of cd drive, so I cannot reinstall Windows or start Acronis True Image.   A full scan of my computer with McAfee did not identify any problem.


      When I try any exe, I receive a popup saying: The procedure entry point MSWSOCK.MigrateWinsockConfiguration could not be located in the dyanamic link library WSOCK32.dll


      Can anyone tell me what this is called so I can search for it by name, or point me in the right direction.




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