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    getting an error with mcshield.exe



      I have McAfee Total Protection.  I haven't had any error until now.  Error popups as: mcshield.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.


      When i check the error report it says that the error signature is:

      Event Type: InPageError   P1:c000009c   P2:00000003


      If I click on the button, "don't send the error report" or the button, "send the error report", a minute later I get the blue screen and freezes my computer and need to do a hard reboot. 


      Don't know if this is related but the error started to pop up after the most recent Windows XP SP3 update which happened on  12/13/11.



      I have also used the MVT and two problems.

      1)  mcshield service hasn't started up  (which I already knew becuase of the initial error as described above)

      2)  Under DAT/Engine, it's saying that "Engine is not Up-to-date".  That it is expecting to see something called "5200" and right now it finds nothing.


      Is there a way to download via Internet from the McAfee website the DAT/Engine 5200?


      So lastly, I tried to perform an McAfee update via my McAfee Total Protection console and I can't even check for updates.  I also tried doing a virus scan and says, "An unexpected problem occured during your scan".


      Any help or suggestions on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated!



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          Peter M

          It sound to me like it's corrupted somehow.


          Yes it is possible to download both the engine and the DAT antivirus updates directly.  See:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2155


          However I think you'll be best served by uninstalling completely via Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.


          The download the MCPR cleanup tool linked under Useful Links at the top of this page and reboot.


          Then run the McAfee Preinstall tool which prepared the machine:  http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/Mcpreinstall.e xe


          The go to your online account and install the product again.


          A hint, if you are in the habit of using System Restore a lot, always run updates to McAfee and your system immediately afterwards otherwise things can go weird.  Also if you are using Registry Cleaner, Optimizers, Tune-Up Utilities etc. be really careful as we have found them responsible for many of the problems people have with malfunctioning software and systems.


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