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    Autoboot not working for all machines.


      I have created a group for our Win7 deployments in safeboot with the $autoboot$ id added to the group. We have written a script with safeboot tool that moves the machine to the group and resets it to group config.

      We have the loggin in place that shows us the details of what is exactly executing. We find every now and then an odd machine that does not have the $autoboot$ id synched as it on the first reboot of the winxp to win7 deplyment it prompts for user authentication. The logs are the same for the machines that work fine and the ones that do not, there are no errors found. See the screen below this machine did not work with autoboot and user authentication was required throughout the whole process when upgrading form XP to Win7. Can you please explain why there would be no errors whatsoever but yet only a small number of machines is having this issues? Could this be at a client level?


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