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    ePO Cannot be installed !

    Florin Ionescu

      Hi guys,


      As you can see, I'm new to this forum.

      I have an issue that started a few days ago. The problem is that the app worked before (I even tested the agent and pushed it to another test computer from the network) but, let's say, 2-3 days ago stopped working. So, I uninstalled it - I don't remember trying to interrupt it during the uninstall and now, when it try to install it again, I receive the following err:






      This is the entire message of the error:



      Setup has encountered the error:

              FAILURE: In UseDLL to load the following DLL with return code [-1]: [C:\Users\Test\AppData\Local\Temp\{D3A2C8EE-FDBA-4B76-8389-07049873499C}\Common Setup.DLL]


      For more information, search for the error in the EPO400-Install-MSI.LOG file, located in the logged-on user’s Temp directory.

      (Note: Close Setup before searching this log file to ensure all data is written to it.)


      Depending on the error, more information may be available in the log files listed below.


      In the logged-on user’s Temp directory:



      EPO400-Troubleshoot\Orion Framework\core-install.log

      EPO400-Troubleshoot\Mercury Framework\epo-install.log





      These log files are needed by Technical Support when troubleshooting installation issues.



      If you need me to post something written in a log, please tell me.


      Here's a view of how it look back then, and as I said, it was working...


      Deploying McAfee Agent.jpg


      So, if any of you guys know how to solve this, please give me some tips, advices, answers. I really need to get this fixed!


      Thank you,