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    HELP! ..this metropolitan virus! beginners advice

      Hi folks, honesty is the key. Streamin your general porn as us males do.....a while later bang! I have a horrible message making me belive I've some how watched violence to woman or child porn.

      It seems a well documented virus however I'm a complete novice with computers etc. I have windows 7, a free

      Version of mcafee which is due to run out on 30th dec.

      I understand asking for safe mode. I would like to know what exactly to download to start the process of removing this virus.

      I have acsess to other pc's.

      Once I have this software / anti virus on my pen drive and I prompt my laptop into "safemode"

      At which point, and how do I include the pendrive with the above antivirus software?


      Following, do I just press a button and the virus is irradicated or do I need to follow up with further precautions?


      This is a well documented virus however all posts I've reviewd have expressions I don't fully follow.


      I apologise for my ignorance and hope my honesty in how I was infected along with my clear lack of intulect with computers will summon a very lamans terms response.


      Kind regards, A.


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