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    Blocking the Adobe Updater


      I like to call the Adobe Updater "The Adobe Virus" because it acts just like a virus.

      If you don't block the Adobe Virus it will hog all of your bandwidth.

      Most users don't have access to update applications on their desktop, the Adobe Updater doesn't know this and will try over and over to install an update by downloading the update over and over.

      Here is what I did.

      In Rule Set "Category Content Filter"

      Added a rule called " Blocked Adobe Sites"  I like that name.  lol

      Rule Criteria

                Authentication.UserGroup - does not contain - "Domain Admins"

                AND URL.Host - matches in list "Blocked Adobe Sites"   Added to this list "*download*.adobe.com* and *get.adobe.com*"

      Action Block.


      That is it.  No more bandwidth problem.


      When the Adobe Virus is looking for updates your firewall might show heavy traffic to the akamai servers.  Which are content delivery servers.