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    Can I separate Cookie Detections from Other PUP's (VirusScan 8.8p1)


      I've recently started rolling out VirusScan 8.8p1 in our environment (currently on 8.7p4).  I have the new VirusScan option to scan cookies turned on (and I turned off the end-user pop-up for cookie detections since there are so many of them).  My problem is, I've noticed in EPO, that cookie detections are classified as "potentially unwanted programs".  I would like to continue to report on all other PUP's besides the cookie detections, but I'm not sure how.  It appears cookie PUP's use the same event IDs as other PUPs.  Is there a way to do this?  If not, does McAfee have any plans to separate these types of detections in the future?