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    Remove Zombie Assets Automatically

      Hello All,


      Is there a way in McAfee Vulnerability Manager to automatically remove the Non Existing assets. So If I scan a range of IP addresses and get 50 Live hosts and their report. Now for next X number of scans I don't see 10 IP's out of the first 50 IP's being listed. So I have 2 questions


      1. Is McAfee VM intelligent enogh to track IP addresses in consecutive scans and decide on to which of them are Zombies ?


      2. Is there as way to configure  McAfee VM such that we can have such IP addresses removed from Database which are not appearing in next consecutive X number of scans?



      Amar Deep Singh

      IT Security Engineer


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          Hi Amar,


          Assets are marked "inactive" based on what you have set for "Asset Activity" within the Manage Asset Identification Rules section of the GUI.


          Click on the Context Sensitive Help ( "?")  inside the GUI, and search for  "Asset Activity Status" .  That should help explain it better.


          You can filter out inactive assets from your Asset Reports, and of course if they aren't discovered, they will not show on your Scan Reports. 


          We don't automatically purge them out of the Database.  You could search for the inactive assets yourself in the Manage > Assets section advanced search, and delete them yourself.


          I hope that helps!

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            Thanks Cathy. That answers my question exactly what I was looking for.


            -Amar Deep Singh