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    Deploy in the order of 9+ Distributed Agent Handlers


      Customer is looking to deploy in the order of 9+ Distributed Agent Handlers. This is due to the Customers Security Policies limiting whattraffic is allowed to traverse Security Zones, the work around is to place AH’sin each of these zones.


      The bandwidth sizing guide provides some metrics around AHscalability which suggests the customer is looking at DB performance issues.


      The number of Agents is about 40,000 – with this number ofAgents is it possible to scale higher with AH’s than the metrics presented inthe HW & Sizing Guide?


      New ePO deployment. ePO version is 4.6.





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          Sailendra Pamidi

          Having AH in WAN environment or environment with low bandwidth to the ePO database would cause more trouble than help .  Even if you are to install the AH in these remote locations, they would still require opening ports to the ePO database for them to write the events and collect properties and policies etc.


          Instead it would be efficient to simply have the clients communicate directly to ePO and have distributed repositories (for e.g. Super Agent repositories) for the updates - based on the distribution of the agents in the various locations.