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    Changing the AutoUpdate time for VSE8.7i with ePO (or any way)

      Hi everyone,


      We have (mainly) VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0i deployed across hundreds of servers using ePO 4.6.


      The autoupdate time is set by default to 5pm with randomization, the issue is that lots of these servers are terminal services where users log in. They notice a performance impact when the AutoUpdate is running.


      We would like to change the autoupdate time for VirusScan Enterprise to another time (say, around 5am after ePO gets the new packages). But there doesn't seem any way to do this automatically? In the meantime we have just been setting the autoupdate time manually.


      So does anyone know of a way to set the autoupdate time automatically, with ePO or some other way (say, registry or something - although lots of the servers are not domain or in other DMZs so it would be annoying).


      Also is there a way to report from the servers, what the AutoUpdate time is set to?


      Thanks so much!