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    VSE 8.7i deployment

      Has anyone used the MID package to setup a server based install and can this version still be deployed via ProPilot, or does ePO4.0 need to be used??

      Just curious before i look at testing 8.7i, only to discover that I can't deploy it yet, if it requires ePO4 (we would need a spare server to deploy ePO).
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          We cleaned up the vendor MSI of 8.7 and are currently testing deployed via SMS 2003, which works well.

          We did:
          * Repackage McAfee Common Framework
          * Removed all 64 bit component's from McAfee VirusScan Enterprise MSI
          * Cleaned it up big time to get rid of all the ICE errors
          * Added our own setting changes in a component

          reg, Henno.