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    how to access to a Hard drive encrypted with mcAfee endpoint encryption?

      Hi all,


      I have the following problem with the company's laptop.


      In my company we all use the McAffe endpoint encryption, so before starting windows we are prompted to write our encryption password. Recently i had the bad news that windows xp could not start because one file was corrupt or missing (famous system 32). The issue is that i do not have a backup of some of new files which i was working with in last weeks. Due to the company policy, I only can reinstall windows, but I would loose all the information. I now have another laptop in which i've installed my image, but how can I do to recover the info of the old laptop?


      Taking into account that I still have the same password and encryption into my new laptop, is it any option to open the old hard drve information into this new laptop or another computer?


      It's extremely important for me as i have important information inside that hard drive


      sorry if i did not explain it well.