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    McAfee Agent automatically pushing out other components


      Currently my organization is testing McAfee and we do not have any automated server tasks that deploy any of the components. Everything is done manually through the ePO. On a new system, I ran a client task to install the McAfee Agent and while reviewing the client logs, I noticed that install tasks for Virusscan, EEFF, and Site Advisor were received and subsequently installed. I have done some research and it seems that VirusScan is automatically pushed out once the agent is installed. Is it possible to modify this behavior so that nothing is pushed out automatically by the agent? Thank you for any assitance you can provide.

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          By default, the agent doesn't install any point products: it has to have a task to tell it what to do.

          By the sound of it this machine is picking up a deployment task from somewhere: the most likely reason is that it's inheriting it from somewhere further up the tree. If you locate the group in the tree that holds this machine, select it, and go to the client tasks tab, are any tasks assigned?


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