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    I have asked arround in various forums and i mcafee that bad?



      I am loking for a specific person:EX_BRITT who has given me many freindly advice regarding mcafee some time ago when i purchased mcafee for the first time.

      I can not/will not accept the answers i get in variuos forums regarding mcafee products in general,in these forums they talk about mcafee like it is the worst security sofware on this planet.

      And i do not understand these accusations because i have been very pleased with my mcafee software and when it comes to killing trojans mcafee total protection is wonderfull.without telling a lie i can tell that this paticular

      program has killed at least 50 trojans for me,and that is the feature i need most in total protection,so i can not believe that mcafee should be all that bad,and there fore i have upgrated to mcafees total protection 2012 and is fully protected

      as long as to 23/11-2013.


      Kind Regards Casi

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          Hi.  It seems to be (& always has been) a favourite pastime in many forums to bash the major anti-virus software makers' products as a whole.   Really it boils down to whether or not YOU like the software.  Quite honestly all the major makers' suites are similar, some offer different features or in some cases exclusive features, and it's your decision who you go with.

          As a Moderator here and in other PC help forums I have found over the years that many of the complaints result from misuse of the product and/or the operating system, or lack of knowledge generally regarding what is sensible to do and what is not.   The vast majority of McAfee's several million customers are happy.   If they weren't these forums would be flooded with complaints and support would be unreachable.    There will always be problems of course and we try to pass all of them back to McAfee management in an expeditious fashion so they get seen to as quickly as possible.

          There is also the 'suggestion box' - here:  https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/ideas or for Business/Corporate customers here:  https://community.mcafee.com/community/business/ideas

          There is also our beta testing programme where people can download the next generation software and provide feedback:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1236 - support being in a private area of these forums.


          Finally, I always recommend to people that they carry some extra tools to supplement their security software.  Read about that here (quite long and has many different suggestions): https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168


          Regards and good luck ;-)












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            Casi,You can also find various reviews of Mcafee.Pcworld.com ,Maximumpc.com etc or AV comparatives.com here are some of their most recent tests.The bottom line is you have to be happy with it.Images from AV comparatives.Mcafee placed 9th on their test catching 96.8% of malware.But was the best on the false positives.Did not do as well on performance test.But not to bad over all.


            av comp 2011.JPG



            mac False pos.JPG



            performance.JPGlast image is for performance test.Not over all score.


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              Thanks for clearing that up for me,it has expanded my horizont


              Kind Regards Casi

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                It is allways nice to get down to the facts,thankyou


                Kind Regards Casi

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                  HI(again) if i get infected is it then possible to deal with it only using free mcafee related products.

                  i recently purchased advanced trouble shooting from mcafee store and a brilliant female technician from mcafee(spain)was working on my system for 56 minutes to be accurate.I have never seen anything like it.

                  she used a program called exterminate something,is it possible to buy or download this program anywhere because if she/mcafee is using it to determine if there is any infections on my system it MUST be good.

                  and i would call my own behavior on the net a little dangerous,and the only thing i have seen is trojans and as we all know mcafee kill them without problems,and here comes the 100.000 dollar question:is it not very rare to be realy bad infected?

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                    That was I assume the paid virus removal service, who will of course use any and all tools necessary.


                    McAfee (or Norton or Kaspersky etc.) all provide good protection however you should always have extra stuff handy just in case.


                    I don't recommend Exterminate-It unless it's used under supervision, however there are some listed here, see '3rd Party Tools' halfway down the page.




                    You will also see some independent forums mentioned lower down there.  It's always useful to read these forums from time to time to see how things are developing in the anti-malware fight.






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