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    VSE 8.7/8.8 - Boot degreation Event ID:101

      Hi all,


      Has anyone seen this before and how did you solve the problem?


      Task Category: Boot Performance Monitoring

      Level:                  Warning
      Keywords:          Event Log
      User:                   LOCAL SERVICE

      Description: This application took longer than usual to start up, resulting in a performance degradation in the system startup process:

           File Name  : McShield.exe
           Friendly Name : On-Access Scanner service
           Version  : VSCORE.
           Total Time  : 13497ms
           Degradation Time : 7697ms
           Incident Time (UTC): 2011-10-08T20:06:57.858800600Z


      Is there a way to log exactly what happens during the boot/login sequense i.e what McShield.exe does/conflicts with? Have run soluto and McShield.exe take a long time to load, happens on both VSE 8.7/8.8, we use 4.6 agent


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.