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    VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i install ... and Defender

      Hi everyone. We've just started using VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i at my institution (moving up from using 8.5i) and today I got a report that when a person tried to install VSE 8.7i on his Windows XP SP3 machine, the installer prompted him to remove Windows Defender. Which he did, and then VirusScan installation went fine, no problems.

      But he wonders (as do I) why he was prompted to remove Defender. I *like* people to have Defender, in a mix with other things. Is there an incompatibility with 8.7i? My base concerns are (a) whether this prompt to remove Defender is something common, and (b) whether anyone has insight into what Badness (if any!) would be unleashed if someone did not follow the prompt and remove Defender. Any thoughts on (or experience with) this message?


      [Possibly relevant details: The prompt to remove Defender happened at the start of the base VSE 8.7i install (not during installation of the the Spyware module), and we're not using ePO so he was just running on his own machine a fully vanilla, thoroughly uncustomized SetupVSE.Exe .]