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    Block a few seconds and then redirect??


      Good morning.


      We are currently working in the following way:

      Once the client tries to access a disallowed web, this access is blocked and a template is displayed indicating the reason for blocking and giving the option to submit a review request.

      If the client press the submit button the request is sent and another template is displayed to the user, indicating that the request has been sent and will be studied.

      The problem is that every time you refresh this last page, a request is sent and this can cause a mass-mailing spam.

      I do not know if this is possible but we want to do the following:

      What we want is that after sending the review request, the second template (which says that the review request has been submitted and will be discussed) will be displayed to the client only a few seconds and then redirect to another page. I mean, block a few seconds and then redirect.


      Is this possible?

      How can we get it?


      Thank you very much.

      Best regards.