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    Firewall's NetGuard and SFTP with FileZilla. (Possible bug)


      Hi, just having one (unfortunately major for me) issue with McAfee's NetGuard system. After an update to McAfee a few months back my computer started to get severe lag spikes, strong enough that with very few programs running, were able to lag up my mouse and even my audio for a few seconds. I eventually traced this down to NetGuard and turned this off, sure enough, lag issues stopped. Now, I'm also in control of a server with which I connect via SFTP (Secure FTP), and I've very recently tracked down issues I've been having with this connection regarding data transfers (directory listing etc is fine) to also link to NetGuard. This issue with failing SFTP transfers has only occured over roundabout the last month, possibly month and a half.


      I've managed to find out that if I disable the firewall, or re-enable NetGuard, that suddenly these outbound SFTP connections can pass without any hiccups at all. But this leaves me in a severely inconvenient position, I have a choice between not being able to administrate my server, a laggy computer, or an insecure computer. Major problem. I can confirm this is not a FileZilla bug due to my laptop (which does not have a McAfee product installed on it) being able to SFTP from the same internet connection to the same server without a problem. Somewhere, somehow, even though FIleZilla is listed as being allowed full internet connection access in the 'Internet Connections for Programs' firewall options, NetGuard being disabled is causing McAfee to seemingly block the connections without any logged event either.


      Is anyone else able to test and reproduce this issue, or had a similar experience with failing connections of any type and NetGuard? This seems like a potentially large bug depending on the context of the affected connections.


      P.S. Standard FTP connections work without issues, only appears to affect SFTP.


      Some potentially relevant PC Specs:

      AMD Phenom II X6 1045T (Hex-core @2.7GHz)

      6GB RAM

      Computer Model: Dell Studio XPS 7100