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    virus scan causing freezing problems

      I've been using Mcafee for a couple years and have never had any problems when using it until the past month.  Before I could do other things on my PC when it was scanning.  Now, all it does is freeze as soon as I try to open another application.  Several times now I have had to either shut the computer down in order to stop the freezes or actually unplug it.  On top of that, it is taking several hours to complete a scan when before it only took a couple.  Because of the freezing I decided to reinstall EVERYTHING on my computer and I even left out a few programs I hadn't used in a while.  There is over 80% free space on my computer. The first time I noticed it was after an update was installed involving a restart.  I either need help or another virus software like Norton.



      Please help.  Very frustrating.  Especially considering the scans are happening at times I don't want it scanned.  And no, I haven't had any other virus software on the computer or scheduled scans elsewhere.  Never had this particular problem until I installed the 2011 version.