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    Allowed Internet Applications

      I've been searching to find out if there is a way to manually add programs to the Allowed Internet Applications list to be blocked or allowed.

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          Please be informed that you can block any application usinginternet by adding to the exclusions. But you can't stop opening theapplication. It just blocks the internet usage of the application.


          Please follow the given instructions to allow/block theapplications.

          1. Right click on the M-icon and select open console.

          2. Select the view applications lists at the right top.

          3. You will see a new window opened.

          4. Click on Add at the bottom.

          5. Browse to the application's exact location.

          6. Add the application's exe.

          7. Check mark the added application and click on approve if youwant to add.

          8. Click on block if you want to block.

          9. Close the console.

          10. Run a manual update.

          11. Check the status.



          Ravi Shankar. R

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            Thank you for your response. My apologies, I should have given more information.


            In the policy that I've created, the Firewall Configuration is set to 'Administrator configures firewall'.

            The Firewall Protection Mode is set to 'Protect'.


            I was wondering if it were possible to manually add a program to the Allowed Internet Applications list that can be blocked for every computer added to this policy? For example, if I wanted to block Firefox and it isn't showing up in the Allowed Internet Applications. I was also wondering, and I know this may be a bit of a stretch, but is there a way to block a particular version of a program? For example, allowing Firefox 4, but blocking versions 5-8.


            Thank you again,


            Kery R.

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              Hi keryr,


              The function that you have asked above is possible on the agent installed on the individual machines(blocking a program that is installed, not version that is still not installed) while on the Security Center we would be not be able to block.


              If you would be willing to do this on individual machines, I also would suggest you to configure a policy to show only a part of the console with which you can restrict the users from unblocking or changing whatever settings that you have done on the console. This is available under client settings.


              Please get back to us if the above does not answer your question completely.



              Pritish P.

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                Thank you for this information. I now have a clearer understanding of what I can and cannot do.


                One last question I have about the Allowed Internet Application. It appears it takes a while for new programs to show up on the Security Center. Is there a specified amount of time it takes the list to update. Ideally I would like to use the Protect Mode which initially blocks everything from accessing the internet. I would like to be able to unblock any new programs as soon as possible.


                I have also noticed that when Allowed programs have updates, the updated versions are blocked. Is there anyway around this?


                Thank you once again for your help,


                Kery R.

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                  Hi Kery R,


                  McAfee will update the XML files with the product status, detections reports and the firewall blocked applications once in 12 hours a day. Once the update is done, you can see the internet allowed applications listed on the Securitycenter.


                  McAfee will consider every application's upgrade along with the version number as a new entry in the client console as well as the Securitycenter. It will not allow the new versions of applications eventhough they are allowed through policy or through the client console. We have to manually exclude the upgraded versions.



                  Ravi Shankar. R

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                    Thanks for the replies. This information was very helpful.

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                      Hi Keryr,


                      Thanks for updating us. Please let us know in future if you have any issues with McAfee .


                      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.