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    Question about Administrator log in/Mcafee

      Hi,I have noticed since reinstalling Mcafee on my computer a few weeks ago.When I log in to my Administrator account.I Immediately receive a Windows user account control prompt.The prompt looks like a normal UAC prompt anytime you try to open up a program with the UAC shield.The first Question is why is this happening Automatically when I first log in to Admin?I have never had this happen before with Mcafee or any other program without clicking on the Item first.Second,I noticed when I receive the UAC prompt when logging on.If I click show more details on the prompt it says the following-"C:Program Files\Mcafee.com\Agent\Mcagent.exe/"runkey   I am guessing this is not correct.Since I have never seen this before.Can anyone shed some light on this for me?                                       Thanks Jack