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    re updates can anyone help me?

      Hi I wonder if anyone can help me? over the last couple of days I have been getting a text document in my temp folder everytime McAfee updates I am wondering what this is If I delete the document then another one appears when McAfee updates again the always have a letter and appcompat after it like this d618_appcompat when I open the document it has different things inside it  ie data base encoding matching file name instprog.dll there are others as well checksum. Can anyone shed any light on this for me


      Thanks in advance



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          Sorry Maggie cannot see this on My PC so this is in windows\temp folder? Will ask


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            Hi its in C drive documents and settings your user name local settings then temp you can only see local settings if you have all ur folders unhidden. then in the temp folder I have a text document everytime McAfee updates with the things in that I stated in my first post. I have put a screen shot of what I see when I update untitled.JPG

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              Also what operating system and service pack is this please?  At first glance it appears that whatever is planting it there is dealing with some kind of incompatibility.  Do you have any other software, possibly security-related installed that may clash?  Any unusual popups?


              Both 2 other mods and I do not have the file anywhere.


              Are you running Mcafee executable in compatibility mode? the techs seem not to be worried re this file.


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                Hi I am running xp professional and service pack 3 I have Mcafee for 6 months now and this has only started happening over the last few days. All updates are correct and scans are clear i dont know what you mean about executable in compatibility mode. I just installed it and then left it to run. I dont have any popups I did have spyware blaster installed but uninstalled that this morning and still get the document . I was just worried that it was a virus or that Mcafee wasnt protecting my pc.I dont get this text document when it scans only when it updates. I just really wanted to know if I should just ignore it or not. Pc is running fine. The only thing that I did was install a new version of spyware blaster but cant remember if that was after I started getting the text document .But like I said before I have uninstalled it this morning but have another text document in temp when I got home after update. I justed wanted to find out if I should be worried or not about this.

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                  Was spywareblaster a paid verion ie did it come with a real time scanner? that will clash with Mcafee. also does it have its own removal tool or did you just remove via windows add/removal option?


                  cf if same as 2007 version



                  Re compatibilty comment if you just did normal install forget the comment.


                  To be safe run getsusp (add your email addy to the preferences), fake alert stinger and malwarebytes.With the latter ensure you do not install the  registered free trial as it will clash with Virusscan.

                  McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware, Malware & Hijacker Tools

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                    Hi I downloaded getsusp and also alter stinger getsusp found one but I know what that is its a programme that I have had for years so I know thats ok as the document I am talking about has only started appearing recently. I ran stinger and also malwarebytes which I  run every week and these found nothing along with McAfee which found nothing so I am wondering if I am just being paranoid and worried about nothing my pc is working fine and nothing untoward has been happening the only thing that isnt working properly is in mcafee and thats to look in quaranteed unwanted programmes I have never looked in there before so dont know if it has every worked but when I try to it just freezes pc I can look at quaranteend items and that has nothing in it. Thats about it really. Any other ideas what I can do to find out what this is or should I just ignore it


                    Thanks in advance and thanks for all the replies from people its really appreciated

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                      Was spywareblaster a paid verion ie did it come with a real time scanner? that will clash with Mcafee. also does it have its own removal tool or did you just remove via windows add/removal option?

                      Re quarantined area manually delete the files I feel you have too many there.

                      You can clear all the PUP and tracking cookies manually by going to “c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\mcafee\virusscan\quarantine “ in Windows XP and delete all the files inside the Quarantine folder. Make sure to disable Access Protection (McAfee >> Navigation >> General settings and Alerts>> Access Protection ) before deleting the files and revert back to active after deleting the files.


                      In win 7

                      c:\program data\mcafee\virusscan\quarantine

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                        I just downloaded the free spyware blaster could this be whats causing me problems as thinking about it when I went to update it said I had to get the new version which I did so maybe thats the problem because it was free I just went to add and remove and did it that way. Also can I please say a big thank you for all the help everyone has given me especially you. Your instructions on what to do and how to get to the quarintine folder was very clear and precise I found it no trouble did what you said and hey presto it works perfectly now. Still have the problem with getting the text document when I do updates . But think I am just going to have to put up with them and ignore .Once again thank you so much


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                          HI Maggie,I doubt spywareblaster is causing the problems.I have used it for years and have it installed myself.It doesnt use up any memory or take up cpu.Does not slow down your computer.Spywareblaster basically secures your browser against unwanted software and sites.It also protects your homepage.Plus you can create encrypted copies of your host files and a snapshot in case you are ever infected.Overall a great program to have with Mcafee & Malwarebytes just in case.There is no scanning.It is not an antivirus program.

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